Eliza, Mónica and Lorena fly together to Puerto Rico in search of adventures and looking into helping Eliza to let behind a failed romantic relationship. There, they are greeted by Ángel, a handsome single man with an amazing house, who rented it to the girls. Everything seems to indicate their trip is going to be successful.

But Eliza's attention is taken by the case of a dissapeared teen called Anita, cold-cased by a probably inept police, and Héctor, a constantly drunk neighbour with violent tendencies and a penchant to watch the girls from his house's windows.

When Ángel decides to stay with them, Mónica faces her own relationship problems with an older guy and Lorena makes having a good time her own priority, Eliza starts investigating what is really happening in this paradisiac island. This is going to change everything forever for these girls.



    A Mexican actress who made waves as Estafanía in Súbete A Mi Moto (2002), Sandra debuted on Hollywood with Oliver Stones' Savages (2012) and became a household name with parts on the Colombian movie El Cartel De Los Sapos (2011), Mexican comedia Más Sabe El Diablo Por Viejo (2018) and Mexican novel La Bandida (2018).


    Besides "Calma" (2018), his most popular single (More than 2.4B reproductions in Youtube), this Puerto Rican singer and songwriter started his career as an actor playing Dylan Santillana in Telemundo's musical drama Guerra De ídolos (2017) after playing a small role in Colombian film Paraiso Travel (2008) and being the star in Puerto Rican suspense drama Sol De Medianoche (2018).


    Puerto Rican actor who made his debut on Televisa as the protagonist of the television series “El Pantera” (2009). He has also participated in different film productions such as "Ladie's Night" (2003) for which he was nominated for the "Diosa de plata" award in the "Male Revelation" category.


    Puerto Rican actress, model and singer. Known for her participation in film productions such as "Runner Runner" (2013), "StartUp" (2016) and "Cleanner" (2013). He also participated in 2013 in the reality show "Protagonistas" on the Univisión network.


    Mexican-American beauty queen, model and television host. Winner of the beauty pageant "Miss Belleza Latina" in 2007. Known for her work on television shows such as "El Gordo y la Flaca" and "Sábado Gigante". She played the role of "Sonia Aristimuño" in the series "Rubí" (2020).


    Actress known for her work in Perfecto anfitrión (2021), The Last Thing He Wanted (2020) and El color de la guayaba (2010).


    Puerto Rican actor. Known for his roles in soap operas such as “La Esclava Blanca” (2016) and Celia (2015). He is also known for his work in films such as "12 horas" (2001), "Dirty Dancing 2: Habanna Nights" (2004), Millie and The Lords (2015) and for his performance as Tono Puma in "Sol de medianoche" (2017).


Executive Producer

Gustavo R. Aparicio

Directed by

Ariel Annexy

Written by

Juaquín Casasola

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